Professor Dr. Theodore Liolios (Curriculum Vitae)

Professor Dr. Theodore Liolios – Professor of Nuclear Physics and Military Science, Assoc. Dean & Divisional Director of the Hellenic Army Military Academy, Director of EKEO (Hellenic Arms Control Center)

Dr. Theodore Liolios EKEO Founder & Director Prof.Dr. Theodore Liolios is the Founder and Director of the Hellenic Arms Control Center (EKEO). He is a nuclear-atomic physicist whose research and teaching are focused on Special Weapons Effects and Defenses. He served as an Adjunct Professor (1998-2000) at the Special Weapons Chair of the Hellenic Army War College before being elected (2001) Professor of Physics in the School of Deck Officers at the Hellenic Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra (the oldest Maritime Academy in the world). In 2003 the faculty of the Academy elected him Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies. He resigned from the Merchant Marine Academy and joined (2004) the faculty of the Physics Department of the Hellenic Military University (Hellenic Army Academy) where he now holds a permanent teaching-research position (Professor of Nuclear Physics & Military Science). In 2005 he was elected for the first time Director of the Nuclear & Atomic Physics Laboratory of the Academy (three-year tenure) while now he is the Director of the entire Division of Physical Sciences & Applications of the Academy (and its Physics and Chemistry Labs). His current research is focused on (a) nuclear-atomic physics, (b) homeland security, (c) Counterterrorism, and (c) special weapons effects and defenses. He is currently Associate Dean of the Hellenic Military Academy.

Among other courses, he also teaches modern weapons physics and military science and technology. As of November 2011, he is teaching in the Special Weapons Chair of the Hellenic Army Command and Staff College. As of March 2012, he is the Director of the Department of Physical Sciences of the Hellenic Army Academy and a member of the Educational Board of the Academy

  • He received a B.Sc. in physics and a Ph.D. in nuclear-atomic physics from the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) while he also holds an English Teaching Qualification (Cambridge University)
  • He has been awarded various prizes and distinctions by the Hellenic Armed Forces for his teaching and research.
  • He has taught hundreds of superior Hellenic Army (and many NATO) officers during his stay as an adjunct professor of the Hellenic Army War College (in the Special Weapons Chair). At the same time he carried out research in the field of arms control and non-proliferation for the Hellenic Army.
  • He has supervised more than twenty graduation theses at the higher education institutes where he has served.
  • He has taught hundreds of marine officers as a full professor of physics at the Hellenic Merchant Marine Academy many of whom are now High-Rank Officers of the Coast Guard or Captains of the Greek Merchant Navy fleet.
  • He is the author of the book “Effects of Depleted Uranium Weapons and Nuclear Weapons Accidents”(in Greek, with a forward by the MIT Prof. Kosta Tsipis ) while lots of his unpublished notes are still used by the teaching staff of the Hellenic Army War College. He is also the author of the book “Arms Control” (in Greek, with a forward by the Dean of the Hellenic Army Academy). Both books have been reviewed by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, the Hellenic Army General Staff and the Military Science Chair of the Hellenic Academy of Athens. These authorities have all agreed that both books are excellent!
  • He is an advisor to various members of the Hellenic Parliament while he very often appears on national channel TV debating issues related to special weapons effects and defenses.
  • He is the Founder and Director of: “Athena” , the Hellenic Arms Control Center.
  • He is a member of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society and the Hellenic Nuclear Medicine Society.
  • He is a referee and a member of the Advisory Board of: The Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine
  • He has refereed articles for the world-leading nuclear physics journals: Nuclear Physics A, European Physical Journal A.

Before assuming his current permanent position, Dr. Theodore Liolios had been awarded various post-doctoral fellowships in nuclear physics:

  • Post-doctoral fellowship by the Hellenic Foundation of Grants and Scholarships (University of Thessaloniki)
  • Post-doctoral nuclear fellowship by the European Center for Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT , Trento Italy)
  • Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellowship by the European Commission (Aarhus University, Denmark) (in the group of Professor Karlheinz Langanke.)

Due to his expertise in radiological explosions, the Hellenic Ministry of Labor appointed him permanent inspector in the field of radiation control. He soon resigned from that position in order to fully focus on his academic career in Physics.

Many of his research papers can be found at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (preprint server) while his current interests in nuclear physics include:

  • The solar neutrino problem and the associated uncertainties of the standard solar model.
  • The atomic effects that influence the results of nuclear experiments at astrophysical energies
  • The acceleration of thermonuclear reactions rates in astrophysical plasmas due to plasma screening
  • The acceleration of nuclear reactions rates in neutron star surfaces due to their ultra-strong magnetic field
  • Pycnonuclear reactions in dense stars
  • Computational Nuclear Astrophysics: Prof. Liolios worked on the TYCHO stellar evolution code, developing further its capabilities.

Prof. Dr. Theodore Liolios is considered an expert in the following fields of military science

  • Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons effects and defenses
  • Depleted Uranium weapons effects
  • Space weapons
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Homeland Security
  • Counterterrorism

He often lectures on these subjects in Greece and abroad.

After an invitation from Prof. Steve Fetter (Dean of the University of Maryland), Dr. Liolios joined the faculty of the CISSM (University of Maryland) under an official ministerial order which authorized his sabbatical leave (autumn semester 2007-08) from the Hellenic Army Academy. His research and lecturing was focused on the detection and effects of nuclear and radiological weapons.

Dr. Theodore Liolios Hellenic Arms Control Center

Prof. Theodore Liolios teaching rocket science at the Hellenic Army Academy where he holds a tenured position as an Associated Professor of Nuclear Physics and Military Applications (as of November 2011)

In the video below Dr. Theodore Liolios appears on national Channel TV with the Greek Minister of Energy and three Greek Members of the European Parliament. The Director of EKEO is analyzing the effects of the Fukushima (Japan) nuclear accident using nuclear radiation detectors.

In the video below Prof.Dr. Theodore Liolios appears on national channel TV analyzing all the possible causes of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (2014)

See also below a brief tutorial by Prof. Theodore Liolios on Pipe Bomb Design, Effects, and Safety Measures.

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