According to the Greek News there is widespread corruption and fraud in the field of arms procurement and defence industry in Greece. Former Ministers, Members of the Parliament and other officials are reportedly involved in a criminal organization which received bribes by local and foreign defense industries in order to promote their products to the Greek Armed Forces. There is no doubt that defense and security procurement in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans is a key factor which shapes the politics of the local governments and affects the local economies. In all Balkan countries defense and security industries from all over the world (including Greece) are constantly competing to convince the government officials about the value of their services and products. However, experience and recent developments have proved that often the process of evaluation is corrupt and the relevant committees unreliable.

EKEO has been studying for many years this competition acquiring a wide in-depth experience in all legal and administrative aspects of this highly demanding process of procurement. We are committed to preventing injustice and corruption in this competition by assessing and endorsing the most reliable products and services offered to local governments and military/police forces. Our noble objective is to prevent unfair tactics from either side (Government or Industries) which could be detrimental to homeland security and the welfare of Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

EKEO’s experts with their vast experience in the administrative procedures of the public sector can provide high-quality scientific consulting and advice to governments as well as to local and foreign defense/security companies/industries in their efforts to become partners of the local governments and the military/police forces.

Of course, EKEO’s non-profit nature presupposes that our services will be provided on the interest of our homeland security and economy and all proceeds from EKEO’s involvement will be dedicated to its non-profit scientific research.

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