Press Release:
The Hellenic Arms Control Center
The Director’s Office,

Regarding the recent massive explosion that occurred in the “Evaggelos Florakis” naval base in Cyprus the Hellenic Arms Control Center (HACC) is constantly monitoring the activities of the Government and other officials who have been investigating the case. The Health Minister of Cyprus Dr. Christos Patsalidis informed the Director of our organization (Dr. Theodore Liolios) that all scientific analysis has not revealed the presence of radioactive or other toxic material in the area. The Director of HACC following an invitation from the Minister Christos Patsalidis is visiting Cyprus tomorrow for an in-situ inspection of the area. Prof. Liolios will also collect scientific data that may be used to assess the causes and effects of this unprecedented military accident. Minister Patsalidis promised to provide our institute with all the necessary facilities and equipment available.

Our first approximate calculations converge to a conventional explosion of a total yield of (roughly) 1KT (one kiloton TNT equivalent) which must have resulted in a local earthquake (roughly) of order three to four on the richter scale.

A thorough scientific investigation is pending starting this Monday with our Director visiting the Ground Zero of the event and its vicinity.

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