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The picture shown on international media about the violent riots that have erupted in Greece is bogus and fake. International reporters strive to convince the world that Greeks have reacted to the new measures of austerity resorting to violence and crime. In fact this chaos was not caused by the people who are suffering from the apparent financial calamity of the Country. It was the usual assortment of gangs and other marginal elements who have found a great opportunity to disguise their criminal tendencies under a false cover of political upheaval. The Hellenic Arms Control Center is carefully monitoring the causes and the results of yesterday’s disastrous attacks against historical monument, shops and banks in Greece. There is no doubt that it was not the justified indignation of the unemployed or the bitterness of the thousands of workers who were made redundant that brought Athens yesterday to its knees. Dr. Theodore Liolios, the Director of the Hellenic Arms Control Center has announced the Center’s effort to found the Hellenic Civil Guard a non-profit security force of volunteer citizens who could assist the state security forces in such cases of public unrest and other national emergencies. This effort calls for both national and international assistance as it would prove particularly effective in blocking the surge of illegal immigrants who, after invading Greece, will finally end up in all other European countries. The Greek Police yesterday made their best but their best was not good enough as it seems that they are under a lot of pressure to adopt a politically correct approach in their actions. However, Molotov cocktails and other improvised weapons used by the gangs, looters and criminals which ravaged Athens yesterday cannot be handled with political arguments and call for severe disciplinary measures. “The Hellenic Civil Guard will provide an additional source of security and stability”, said the Director of the Hellenic Arms Control Center, who calls for international assistance and support to this effort.

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